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The logo for my business card!

Hi! My name is Carl Hopf, and I am an all-around computer geek, farmer, devoted dad, dog rescuer, and not a good dancer. I work for a major health sciences university (in three different positions!) and I am also the first employee of Digital Education.

Digital Education is devoted to creating powerful and effective teaching presentations or educational content from your old slides or older presentations. You provide the content, or even just a document with the information on it…and we make it effective and powerful! We also specialize in Digital and Physical Organization (yes, I’m a professional organizer too!)

I also construct teaching or student education portfolios based on your school’s guidelines, perform web design and guidance, computer hardware and software education and repair. Heck, we will even set up a WAMP stack and install WordPress on it, if you want!

We also teach how to use the technology, and will provide remote repair using a variety of tools, and we do it securely and on your approval.

Our mission is to make your computing experience as enlightening, enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Please feel free to call us at 973-459-2095 or email me at

Personally, I follow much of the guidelines of Chris Guilebeau at and Alan November at

Feel free to also follow me at