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For the lazy:


Now, the pet peeve time. I keep seeing this problem over and over. This problem occurs at my daughter’s school, in different hotels, and especially where I work. There is this new “rush” to put up a flat panel on EVERYTHING and put content on it. Never mind that I observe students looking at their phones to get the same information that is being projected over their heads (that’s another issue all together)

Here’s the pet peeve:


ARRGH! Just look at it!

This is the laziest, worst looking, most awful knot of wires to show that something was installed so it WORKED, but without any sense of CORRECT installation!

Look at the looped wires! The cable ties! The WORST I’ve seen in a while. Nobody will clean this, much less touch it, and it’s just a simple showing of shoddy workmanship.
Having installed these items in classrooms, I can tell you that the extra time to properly run the wiring through the chases makes a HUGE difference in keeping the equipment working properly. Not to mention that in higher education situations (as well as in business at times) when something doesn’t work, some knucklehead thinks they can”fix it” and starts pulling wires and what not. This makes it unbelievably frustrating to the techs who have to fix/repair and/or replace things. The object is to get this “out of sight” so that Captain Allthumbs doesnt yank on it.

Which could be avoided by proper installation in the first place. I wouldn’t let the room/area/device be “certified for use” until the wires and controls were all properly installed.

Sorry. Rant over. I promise that any install I do will NEVER look like this!