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Simplest answer: Great idea, has to happen. Give us the money to do it.

Even easier: Government don’t have it. Great idea, but you do it on your own. We will give you a teeny bit.
Sad truth: If the school participates, THEY have no money, so they shoulder it onto the parent’s pocketbooks.
Sadder truth: Most of us don.t have the extra money because we took a hit in the pocketbook by increased Federal Taxes.

And it dies on the vine. And that’s sad. Anything to advance digital stuff in the classroom should (fingers crossed) be promoted. When the tech doesn’t work, it’s a stumbling block. I think our schools need to step it up a bit, and instead of buying the lowest priced tech junk, buy the right stuff. It’s simple ROI at the end, and helps the kids.

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Here ya go!http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/DigitalEducation/2013/02/nm_schools_chief_overrules_pan.html