I haven’t really posted because there isn’t much going on. Lots of school systems are “looking” at integration of tech. Places like Fractus Learning are still promoting the idea of “flipped classrooms” which is a partial success.

The buzz on lifehacker.org is still “get the Nexus 7”..which I may..provided I can get my daughter into it. Her iPod Touch is cracked (again, dammit!) and my 2nd generation version is beginning to die. The current discussion is “up her phone to a HTC Rhyme  – Android device with Gingerbread OS….and the Nexus 7  – Android device with Jellybean OS ..OR

Just buy 2 new iPod Touch devices – 16 GB each and skip the tablet.
Our computers are beginning to mature, so maybe save the money and hit the store after the holidays for the sales.

Well, techies….since edTech is slow this week, weigh in on this. What do you, the readers, suggest?