Hi everyone! Been late with my posts, but this one is kinda good. It’s from Alaska..which tends to be progressive on some things, and oftentimes..not.


Okay, so you read/listened. Nauseated? Happy? Confused? I don’t really care, so long as you have an emotion about it.

My favorite part:

“This is not just the way the Sitka School District is going. This is the way the state of Alaska is going. This is going to go before the legislature and the governor on how we’re going to prepare our kids with technology,” she said. “It’s not my world. I’m not comfortable with it, let alone understand a lot of it. But it is our kids world, and the way they learn. I think it’s just the way we’re going, whether we’re comfortable with it or not.”

Bold lettering – my emphasis.

Now..first, before anything..I’m a SMARTBoard guy over the Promethean ones. It’s more about control/repair and ROI. Both are good tech, I just have an individual preference. Daughter-child’s school system has both. Played with both. Troubleshoot issues on both. I think SMART has a clearer advantage. <rant over>

Back to topic: Right. And wrong. YOU may not understand the tech (mom/dad/teacher/admin) but there is no doubt the kids get it. This is going to be in their working world, most likely…and if not, probably in the home. This isn’t some kind of “2012 transhuman rush to tech”..this is what’s going on, day to day. This is reality. Our kids need to learn tech hand in hand with Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Tech should SUPPORT those endeavors, not detract or subsume them.

And yes, before you grunt about it..yes, yes, it helps with music and art and all that stuff. Here in NJ they work on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum plan. These (save math) are offshoots of the “big three” subjects and STEM is so steeped in technology usage and real-life applications that if you are challenged with a computer…you’re screwed. You kid and you are both screwed.

Adults: if you don’t get “IT”, get educated. Take a class. Talk to others. Try it out at a library. Come to someone like me and hire me to teach you!
<painful shameless plug>

Point is, you do yourself and your children a disservice in your ignorance. You need to step up or step out of the way. The computer and it’s applications has a power and a beauty, and is not without its dangers and pitfalls. The story above showed the boards were cheaper than a 1:1 laptop/student ratio. So long as the teacher TEACHES and doesn’t use the projector to show DVDs all day, the power of the small group with an engaged qualified instructor is a treasure without measure.

Final rant ‘n rave:

“I know how difficult it can be. I’m a single mother, and I work, and it can be challenging sometimes to be able to be all that you need to be for your kids,” Robinson said. “But it has to be a priority, no matter how hard it is.”

Ms. Robinson, please. Shut up. I’m a single dad, and have raised my daughter on my own since she was 4 1/2 minutes old. Yes, single parenthood is hard. Being there for her education isn’t. It’s crucial, it’s critical, and it’s frustrating. And, it’s fun and wonderful. Education begins at home (she and I agree) ..if we’re talking about knowledge, it’s always a priority. I don’t care if you fish on an ice floe for seals and whales…your education serves you better than anything else beyond, well, being a parent. It’s not a “challenge to be all that you need to be for your kids”…it’s an honor and a privilege. And it’s damn good every day!I’m honored and humbled. It makes her a great person and makes ME a better person.

<end of rant>