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I love this quote!

“The availability and affordability of e-books for children and young adults have increased rapidly, so teachers and students have endless options for both fiction and nonfiction texts,” she said. “E-books are generally less expensive than print copies of the same book, and they don’t wear out as quickly as a print copy. Another advantage is the instant access. Generally, an e-book can be downloaded in a matter of minutes.”

Perhaps the greatest advantage of e-books, Larson said, is the ability to differentiate the reading experience. The devices allow the reader to customize the reading experience by adjusting the font size and page layout, or through the use of tools and features like a built-in dictionary, highlighter, digital notes or text-to-speech capabilities.

“This means all students — even those who struggle or have specific learning needs — can benefit from digital reading,” Larson said. “As teachers are quickly realizing the possibilities of supporting students’ reading comprehension and motivation, this technology is definitely becoming more popular in all grade levels.”

YAY! I’ve been pushing this at my daughter’s school. I even tried to get a Kickstarter grant for it (they turned it down, grumble.) The idea was to show that e-readers may assist in retention and lower the total cost per student because a digital download of an e-book (with N number of licenses) would be significantly cheaper than 300 printed copies. And….can be updated yearly at a vastly lower cost.

I think the biggest challenge now is the “start up cost”. The money to buy the N number of readers may not be there. The books, well, that has to be there…books get replaced on rotation. It may also not be a great idea to lay the burden of the e-reader cost on the parent (although a $100 Kindle may or may not break us…but for those who are challenged, we could have the education foundation start a small “kitty” to help our students in need)

But before I go on, read the article. Interesting stuff to consider, given how many books a single e-reader can hold.

It might even lighter their backpacks!

<now to get the homework digitally sent back to the teacher…the other half of the “go green” initiative!>