Took a week off…..we went school clothes shopping already…..let’s not discuss!

Back to topic: Education and digital education! This time, you’re the student!

Here’s something from on how to get free resources, certificates, etc. Learn more stuff, get credits and certs for your learning!
I’m also a fan of and the wonderful but as I wander through SQL land, I need the book.

Summertime is a great time to learn some new skills. Doesn’t matter whether it’s how to slide like a pro over a Crestron or AMX unit or doing SQL joins! It’s a challenge to stay ahead of our students, technically. They are spending time on YouTube….you need to spend time and get cracking on Google Drive and Google Apps, Dropbox, iCloud and other storage/use medium.

One teacher told me (under penalty of death if I tell anyone else) that they do the majority of their documentum that isn’t student identified via Google Docs and Google Drive. Why? “We only have Office XP. My home computer uses Office 2010. Otherwise, it’s just faster to use..Our computers are SOOOO slow!”

Further discussions about a terminal idea with my daughter child continue. I’m crawling around an idea concerning each grade level getting a MyBook Live Duo (check it! and putting access controls on the drive. Now it’s compatible with Dropbox, and can be accessed via mobile. That way, you get external storage AND some security. It frees up the shared drives for the administration and the educator can move things from the WD drive and back to the server. Now, the hard part…..getting the kids to somehow be able to UPLOAD to the drive. Now THAT would be the “cool n groovy”. Teacher could put links to Khan Academy and the textbook in the “digital shared space” and make it “read only”. A refreshing solution to the absolute HORROR of the websites/CMS that I see the schools doing.

I would be willing FOR FREE to redesign my daughter’s school site. OMG, It would be CSS heaven and a color coded, minimalistic approach, setting the tone for “we are serious about education”, because they are..

<you caught me monologing, didn’t you….I always do that!>

Get cracking and learn something..even if how to clean out the filters in the projector and check the focus and keystoning!