Well, today marked the announcement that Microsoft will be producing a tablet with Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface on it. I haven’t seen where they will be sold, but I want to try it. I thought taking it to the “youth of America” would be a cool discussion on all things Geek.

Not So Much.

I made the announcement at dinner, telling my daughter that it might be a side-to-side competitor to the iPad. Maybe it would be a great educational tool. I wondered how it would embrace the Cloud…SkyDrive only? Azure apps?  How do you install Dropbox on it? Google Drive? I was curious to see.

Her response……she rolled her eyes and said “Windows 8? But it sucks. Why bother putting it on ANOTHER tablet? I hope they change their mind.”

<Have an opinion, do we?>

I tried to tell her that years ago Microsoft had a tablet PC kinda thing, with a stylus and all, kinda like a big Palm M505 (she remembers Palm..she thought they were cool but the one I had looked like a big Blackberry) . Not missing a bite of ravioli, she said:

“Never saw it. did they work?”

I shrugged, and said “kinda”. They are used in hospitals, etc. I’ve always advocated for a hybrid model for healthcare/education/etc. A touchscreen with a keyboard, network attached. More than a WYSE terminal, less than a Cray MP-1. The Youth of America countered, as she finished her cheese ravioli:

“What about an iPad and one of those Bluetooth keyboards?” For every teacher?”

Not a bad idea. Not at all. Kinda Larry Ellison/Oracle/Google Docs smashup. I wondered how to get over the barrier of fully functional apps like Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel.
You could put it on a Citrix server and use it that way.
you could move the app to a Cloud-based app.

you could create faculty development/education rooms and the teacher could go there (bad bad BAD idea. Finish the dishes,)

But back to Windows 8. Daughter thought that it was “much ado about nothing” and went back to her projects. She’s disinterested in it, doesn’t want to try it, totally turned off to it. I asked her “why” again, and I got the same answer..flipping from screen to screen, no “Start” area, ugly boxy apps, no personalization of the interface as much.
They did get a kudos from her, though. She likes the lock screens. She thinks they are cool looking, and then wondered why they stole that idea (and the Windows 8 Weather app) from the updated Weather Channel App from her iPod Touch.

These kids today are a bit quick, aren’t  they?