Well, I’m noting something new here..CES and alll doing the push with “ultrabooks”…it’s almost like “I don’t want a tablet, I don’t want a netbook, but I don’t want a full size laptop, because they are desktop replacements”. Hmm.

I am often saying to EVERYONE that tablets are cool. REALLY COOL. STAR TREK COOL! But tablets don’t really let you CREATE. They let you consume data. Create data, create an app..need to move to the trusty laptop/desktop for that.

And rightly so.

Please keep in mind that tablets let you interoperate or interact. That’s not “creation”, that’s completion. It COMPLETES a connection to a server. YOUR creativity, YOUR tweets, YOUR hilarious Facebook posts, yes. Creation. But you are completing a connection. The Tablet logs onto Facebook. Authenticates. Loads up your stuff. you then kind of use the tablet to “tunnel” in or complete the connection. But the creation? Your head. Your designs. Your laptop.

But on the whole, CES was a downer from what I can see. Excited with iBooks 2. Excited with iBooks for textbooks for kids. I wanted to try to do that, tried to get a Kickstarter grant for my daughter’s school. They turned me down. (oh well)

But stay tuned for more “Star Trek” stuff. Wait until you have a tag, a badge or a ring that INTEROPERATES with ANY tablet, so that the tablet “recognizes” you, logs you in (I’m thinking passing AES 256 kinda stuff) and there is your stuff. Every time. Regardless of your location in the facility.


Yeah, that’s coming.