Well, that’s kind of basic, isn’t it?

For more, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act , even during the blackout.

Conceptually, this just sucks.

Reality, this just sucks.

Don’t let this happen. Call your Congressperson and GET RABID!

I can see shutting down an IP that is spewing a virus into the network (hell, we had to do that at work a time or two, even as far as port blocking on the switch..I think that’s OK in emergencies) but search and seizure because you post a video? Huh? If it’s infringement, let the company go after it. That’s what they pay our lawyers to do. A “kill switch” or “port redirecting” by the Guv’mint is just WRONG. Look at the Great Firewall of China. Not so good.

The Internet, in its original design was built to transmit messages from one location to another. It has grown into something bigger than Tim Berners-Lee could imagine. It is truly a place where all people are created equal, and have a voice. Yes, even the stupid or hateful. Yet, it is also kind of a “Wild West” where it CAN be freewheeling.

Know what the difference between “The Wild West” and now is? Easy. In the Wild West of yore, men took PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions (a la “Yeah, I shot him, Black Bart!”). Today, we have a lack of this accountability. We hide behind excuses and “he told me it was ok”, or the worse one:  “I wasn’t told to do it.” The Internet makes interactions remote, and therefore we can be more comfortable in saying or doing something because we are NOT right in front of someone.

If these bills pass, than it is our government who will be doing our censoring for us. Grown ups can do it for themselves because they have morals, experience and accountability. I’m not a baby, nor am I impressionable youth. Don’t block my IP.

The solution is clear to the geek. It starts with the individual. Own your content. Be responsible for your posts and files. Don’t let the Government take away the right to do something on the Internet. The Government doesn’t own it. The Internet has, by definition, no owner. Or, we all own it, depending on your viewpoint.

We have something remarkable. Don’t let someone else take it away.