Well, I’ve been a bit busy. I’ve been occupying my time with Teamviewer installs, quick fixes, and my things at work

Work gave me a challenge. Uploading bulk data into our EHS Innovators ChemMaster system and the use of an Ipad to fill out forms, etc.

The bulk upload involved figuring out which recordsets go into the database, and how they are encoded (special brackets, etc.) . The “manual” didn’t tell us that. Then, once installed, how to check how to both check what the list said in the database while correcting entries that you are trying to import form a “holding area”.

..oh, did i mention the whole thing is on a Citrix server? No?

The solution was simple. The company gave us the XLS import module, I figured out how to format the data, and then move it into a “holding area” in the application. Checking data for errors, etc and/or adding items to the database to “clear” the error of the hold area? Open two browsers. Log into the Citrix server with both. One browser is the “hold area”. The other is the materials list, searching materials, and adding materials. Did it work? 565 entries in 35 minutes, and that’s checking the data before it’s batch uploaded.

A 5-fold data increase.

I’m happy, so’s the Environmental Coordinator for the University.

Now, the Ipad: I made some of our word docs into Adobe PDF forms, and extended functionality to Adobe Reader. Files set as read only in a shared drive. User logs into system, sees TeamViewer running.and goes into field with Ipad. Access office system with Ipad (Teamviewer), spawns adobe reader, fills out form, saves it in shared drive, Our Hospital is doing something like this, but with an app called iAnnotate. That costs money. This was done with all in house tools, nad save the ipad, costs zero overhead.

Let’s see if they like it!