Earlier today, I called my local community college campus to ask what the guidelines for advertising on their campus have been determined. The woman did not know, and I asked to speak to the head of the faculty. That got me to another person, who passed me onwards to the faculty secretary, who moved me to the admin assistant, who put me in the voicemail of the person who was in charge of the faculty…which is whose secretary passed me around 2 iterations ago. Confusing, perplexing, irritating.

My next step is to print out some flyers and just go hang them up or just find the heads of each department and give them one. Another way is to give one to one of the adjunct professors to pass forward as well. Since I’m related, it should be easy to get it to her.


Third way is to send a letter of introduction to the head of the Faculty for a school., and ask THEM to share my name and information with interested faculty. That _might_ work.

I tin kI need to call a marketing company. Glad that someone I adore is the owner of one!

Final thought: Don’t give up; don’t give in. There is always a better way to do things!